Complete development, implementation, and monitoring of SOPs for GMPs, HACCP, State Regulations, FDA, USDA, FSVP, FSMA, EXIM, Food & Produce Safety, Cannabis, Medical Food/Devices including BRCGS, FSSC, cGMP, GFSI, IFS, ISO, Organic, and SQF certifications.”


InterlinkIQ process and industry connectivity specifically designed for owners, entrepreneurs, operators, and practitioners responsible for facility management and operational processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Covering FDA, USDA, FTC, OSHA, FSMA, EXIM, FDA Registration, Label Reviews, and US Agent Services.

Certification Services

Encompassing GMPs, cGMP, HACCP, QMS, SQF, BRCGS, FSSC, ISO, Organic, PrimusGFS, and Comprehensive End-to-End Support.

General Admin Services

GA Service, data entry, acctg and bookeeping and excutive assisstant

Who are we and what we do?


“We offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet your expanding regulatory and certification needs, leveraging robust quality management systems. Our services encompass the complete development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for GMPs, HACCP, State Regulations, FDA, USDA, FSVP, FSMA Compliance, and including BRCGS, FSSC, cGMP, GFSI, IFS, ISO, Organic, and SQF certifications.”

Software Compliance Programs

Policy, Procedures (SOPs, SSOPs), Manuals, Work Instructions, Records, and Training Implementation and Monitoring

Consultare Inc. Group, a compliance company that provides Compliance Services, Quality Systems (QS), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Regulatory and Certification Prerequisite Programs (PRP’s) development, implementation, and monitoring. 

Our foundation is in developing and implementing Processing and Preventive Control Programs, Policies, Protocols, Procedures, Forms for Records, Lessons for Training, and Document Control Management necessary to assist your growing regulatory, accreditation, certification, industry, and customer requirements both on and off the facility.

Our company helps to ensure that everyone who seeks to comply with a regulatory (FDA, USDA, State, and Local), accreditation, and certification bodies has the compliance and monitoring system necessary to comply with the requirements and to make a determination that their facility’s operations are complying in real-time.


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