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Facility Certification Readiness Questionnaire

Facility Certification Readiness Questionnaire
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Getting ready to have your facility certified is not a daunting task, when you and your team are prepared and trained.

NOTE: Please do not forget to thoroughly review your inputs before submitting.

Please list the reason why you are looking to certify your facility.
What type/s of certification are you looking for?
What is/are your product / HACCP categories?
What are your process categories?
Is your facility FDA/USDA registered?
How many shifts do you currently operate?
Do you have a HACCP Coordinator?
Do you have a designated Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)?
Do you source raw materials/ingredients from outside the US/Canada?
Do you have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place?
Do you need assistance in preparing your team and facility to be audit-ready?
Do you need a consultant to set everything up for you (certification body, certification date, and being at your side during the certification audit)?
Do you need a consultant to assist you? If yes, choose below.
Do you need a QMS, FSMS, SOP, Document Control Software to manage all of your certification programs, policies, procedures, forms, and training materials?
Do you need a certification implementation coach, mentor or instructor?
Do you need a Gap Internal Audit to aid you in assessing your readiness?
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